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– How users Use Threedigo

Threedigo is an online marketplace where users go to find a 3D printers and hosts list their 3D Printers for rent. As a users, you scroll through the 3D Printers listed in your city . One of the coolest things about Threedigo is that they have just about every type of “3D Printer” available. You can find a Small, medium, and big 3D printer , and even Technology of 3D printer ( FDM , SLA , SLS) , Threedigo include the Desktop CNC !

You’ll find out this information as you read the 3D Printer description. You will also want to message the host if this information isn’t clear. You can message the host and ask questions about the 3D Printer or anything really.

You can filter your results by many things, namely price, location, type of 3D printer.

If you want to go ahead with the reservation, you submit your reservation with your payment information. Threedigo will collect your payment ( 15% of the total for the reservation) after the host accepts your request. If the host declines your request, no money will be collected. The rest of the payment will be made in cash or by credit card with the owner of the printer when you go to take the printer.

– How Hosts Use Threedigo

As a host, you get to make some money from the 3D Printers you own. For example, you may have an extra 3D printers tath you don’t use in your home and you want to make a little bit of income from it. You could use Threedigo for rent your unused 3D Printers.
To list your 3D Printer on Threedigo, you’ll need to sign up for an account, be approved, and enter info about your 3D Printer for rent. It’s a fairly easy process. Once your 3D Printer is listed, sit back and wait for the reservation requests and personal messages come through.


security_approved– Threedigo Security

One of the central points where at the moment we are putting a lot of emphasis is the security of our users who want to rent your printer, for this along with experienced lawyers we put it to work to eliminate any problem with the printer’s security by creating That document to each registered user can download and use for FREE, this document is a contract That Eliminates any kind of problem with the printer security leased , it was written and structured for protected the 3D Printer from any kind of theft or breakage .

For download the Document send an Email to: