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Study Forecasts 3D Printers In Hotel Rooms By 2060

Published on January 5, 2017 by Threedigo

By 2060, 3D printers could be standard appliances in hotel rooms. So predicts a study authored by the website in collaboration with futurist James Canton. “Hotels of the Future” casts a visionary glance into new paradigms of leisure that could develop in hotel and travel businesses. The study seemingly explored how the foreseeable growth of current emerging technologies and trends—augmented reality, nanotechnology, AI, 3D printing, sustainable architecture, DNA computing and crowdsourcing—could change travel and hotel experiences over the next four decades.

In addition to hotel room 3D printers, several other significant innovations were foreseen until 2060: RoboButlers, crowdsourced morphing hotels (making use of nanotechnology and self-assembling machines), AI-controlled travel avatars, EcoHotels, life extending spas and neurally fed dreams (per customer choice) are some of the ambitious predictions reported.

3D printing home appliances

Endowing guests with the ability to print objects in hotel rooms as they see fit—rendering luggage obsolete in the process—may not be too far-fetched considering the impressive versatility that 3D printers already display. Printing one’s own kitchen tools, clothes or even electronic devices (including computers) is already a reality, and could become a widespread practice in the not too far future.

Although its credibility might be questionable, the report ultimately acknowledges the potential of additive manufacturing technology (and other technologies) to deeply change the landscape and experience inside living rooms and many other settings in the future. As technologies evolve and shift paradigms, it could become possible to design one’s own objects or buy pre-designed products over the Internet and print them as needed or desired. The burden of ownership in many cases would change radically with the democratization of custom-made designs and on-demand manufacturing. is a popular website offering hotel booking services online and over the phone. James Canton is the CEO of the think tank Institute for Global Futures. James Canton has collaborated with numerous high profile companies and research institutions over the years. He has also advised three White House administrations.

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